Would you like to bounce out of bed full of energy, relaxed, optimistic, and looking forward to the day ahead?
Would you like to feel you have your life under control?
Would you like to have a healthy, harmonious, and fulfilling life?


It has not been easy to be a professional working from home in the past year. You may be feeling stuck, tired, and experiencing a low mood, pushing to keep your business afloat or to get things off the ground again.


My aim is to support you in ensuring that you are able to organise your life, protect the time you need to look after yourself, and also focus on your work so that both you and your professional life can fully flourish.


Are you ready for a change?

Working together you would be able to deal with personal and professional demands of life without stress, in a healthy and enjoyable way.

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Hello, I am
Dr. Nilda Negretti
The Vital Health Coach

Qualified Health Coach CNM 
Ph.D. in Physiology
MSc in Physiology
BSc Biology
Association of Naturopathic Practitioners. ANP
UK Health Coaches Association UKHCA


What my clients say...

The coaching session with Nilda helped me identify specific action steps in my daily life and to combine lifestyle and professional objectives. After a holistic overview of my lifestyle and health situation, she helped me come up with tangible and actionable steps to improve the way I nourish myself, integrate regular exercise into my weekly routine, and dedicate time to keep up to date in my profession. I strongly recommend you take Nilda as a coach: she will help you identify what's important in your life and execute on it.

Marena Eirich

I found the health coaching session provided by Nilda very professional. If you are looking to manage your nutrition and enhance positive healthy habits, I highly recommend her. After a thoroughly exhaustive review of my history and current presentation, Dr. Nilda Negretti provided me with relevant advice targeting my specific needs in order to transform my eating habits.
Dr. Nilda Negretti was able to provide me with all the support I needed, taking into consideration all the factors that would help me make these important changes in my daily life. I am very pleased to have been able to access her help as a health coach. Dr. Nilda Negretti is a very dedicated coach, who will invest her time and focus on her clients wholeheartedly. She is friendly, kind, and extremely approachable.

Virginia Vivas

Dr. Negretti’s approach when dealing with a client is incredibly professional and very thorough. The first sessions take as long as required for her to have the necessary insight on the situation, not only at a nutritional level but also at an emotional level.  She digs deep into the client’s overall situation, daily habits, possible stress factors, family, job, personal goals, motivation, or lack of it, that might be influencing physical and emotional health. 
I was very impressed with her thoroughness, skill, patience, and the interest she took in me whilst discussing my case and with the exercises she offered me.  She is also very committed to checking in through evaluations and follow-ups after establishing a coaching plan. 
I would highly recommend her professional services as a health coach.

Beatriz Guerrero


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