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Specialising in

Non-Hodgkin Cancer


Hello, I am
Dr. Nilda Negretti
The Vital Health Coach
Specialising in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

Qualified Health Coach CNM 

Ph.D. in Physiology

MSc in Physiology

BSc Biology

Association of Naturopathic Practitioners. ANP

UK Health Coaches Association UKHCA

Cancer Prevention eLearning Course. World Cancer Research Fund.


Do you want to know how a person undergoing Non-Hodgkin cancer treatment can get to exercise regularly, have someone to speak to about their fears and challenges, and regain control of their life without feeling overwhelmed with cancer information impossible to process?

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             You don't have to go through this journey alone.

Experiencing Non-Hodgkin cancer, the comprehension of the human body due to my experience as a Physiologist, and my health coach training have given me the knowledge and understanding of the challenging situations that a cancer patient faces.

From supporting people diagnosed with cancer I know that nobody is ever well-prepared to face it. All the thoughts and the fear that rush through their brain in a second make they feel like their life is suddenly slipping away. Indeed, having cancer can be a demoralizing experience, but it doesn’t have to be!

You have the power to decide the quality of your journey. You can find wellness in the face of illness. You can continue living with enthusiasm. That is why you are here. By being determined not to give up on yourself, you can learn how to eat healthily, exercise regularly, have a revitalising sleep, and much more.

My experience of cancer is available to you, so you can learn how to face life with hope, joy, and gratitude despite all odds.

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Dr. Negretti’s approach when dealing with a client is incredibly professional and very thorough. The first sessions take as long as required for her to have the necessary insight on the situation, not only at a nutritional level but also at an emotional level.  She digs deep into the client’s overall situation, daily habits, possible stress factors, family, job, personal goals, motivation, or lack of it, that might be influencing physical and emotional health. 
I was very impressed with her thoroughness, skill, patience, and the interest she took in me whilst discussing my case and with the exercises she offered me.  She is also very committed to checking in through evaluations and follow-ups after establishing a coaching plan. 
I would highly recommend her professional services as a health coach.

Beatriz Guerrero


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