What does it mean to be a Health Coach
specialising in Non-Hodgkin Cancer?

A Health Coach is a professional who supports you to reveal your full potential and manifest your skills, strengths, and abilities in order to optimise your health and well-being.

A Health Coach helps you to adopt and sustain a healthy lifestyle to prevent and mitigate chronic disease. 

As a coach specialising in Non-Hodgkin cancer, I will help you to live your best life, to improve outcomes and quality of life during and after cancer treatment by identifying and integrating health-promoting behaviours at all stages of the cancer process.

My approach is based on scientific evidence and personal experience to help you transform your mindset and habits and develop an enjoyable life.

I work holistically, focusing on the whole person, integrating emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological needs as I address the individual's presentation.

The health strategies I recommend will be guided by your thoughts, feelings, and views, and by my expertise. Overall my role as a Cancer Coach will be to support and facilitate the process you are going through.

I look forward to working alongside you on your journey to move your life forward.


Why work with me?

·       I am Doctor in Physiology and I know how different systems of the human body work and their interrelationship.

·       I had Non-Hodgkin cancer myself and therefore, I know exactly what it is like to go through the cancer process from diagnosis to cure.

·       Thanks to my scientific background, I understand how medical tests, assessments, and treatments work, as well as what to expect from them and their effects on the body. I will be able to guide you and help you prepare for each of these different stages of the process. 

·       I will be able to tailor your cancer coaching plan according to your specific needs and consider all significant aspects of your life, which influence the success of your treatment and your wellbeing.

·       I will focus, not only on the cancer diagnosis and treatment but also, on the deeper causes that may have led to the development of your condition.

·       I will support you throughout so that you feel you have the clarity and support you need during the whole process. This will comprise regular contact in order to prevent you from feeling isolated, confused, or unheard.  

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As a Health Coach I Can Help You With Other Areas.

Health & Lifestyle concerns

Work Life Balance

Sleep Issues

Stress Management

Positive Ageing


All About Me

My path in life

My professional career began as an academic, following a degree in Biology and later a Master’s Degree in Human Physiology, which led to a fruitful phase as a lecturer and researcher in cardiovascular physiology at a major university in Latin America. In parallel to this active period of professional growth, I also became a mother. So, I developed the art of juggling through the varying and complex demands of life.  
This journey later took me and my then-teenage daughter across the Atlantic, where I decided to pursue a Doctorate in Human Physiology at Liverpool University and eventually led me to an incredibly fulfilling position as Professor, Head of Department and Research Lead of a major research laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine back in my home country of Venezuela.
During this phase of incredible professional development, I also faced several challenges in my personal life, which entailed managing complex family relationships, illness, and intense stress, which I believe with no doubt that all that contributed to my later diagnoses of Non-Hodgkin cancer, reflux, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). These experiences helped me to gain deep insight into the importance of reaching out for professional support and guidance at key times in life when stresses and pressures can otherwise overwhelm us. 
Through these experiences, especially facing a Non-Hodgkin cancer diagnosis twice, I have grown to appreciate the importance of taking responsibility for my own health and life, and also to see my health from a holistic perspective in relation to diet, eating habits, quality of relationships, quality of sleep and emotional health. I believe that having experienced and managed cancer myself has, in turn, enabled me to develop a deep understanding of the needs of others and into how I can play a pivotal role in supporting them.