My Story

After moving to the UK in 2017, I decided to blend my knowledge as a Physiologist with coaching skills, in order to help individuals make sustainable lifestyle changes.  My aim was to offer a direction for others to be able to lead healthier and happier lives but in a way that suited their specific personal circumstances. 

I have decided to direct my expertise on women since I am aware that many of us lead high-pressured lives and are experiencing a great amount of stress due to having to deal with intensely demanding roles in the professional sphere as well as in our personal lives. It seems that frequently, it can be difficult to find the time to focus on all the important dimensions of our lives such as exercising or maintaining a healthy social life, in parallel to also having to manage complex demands in relationships or with family.

I believe that my knowledge in Physiology together with my studies in Health Coaching, provide me with the understanding and experience needed to tailor a coaching plan that can meet the needs of each of my clients, so they can lead balanced lives, reach their goals, and maintain good health.

My own experiences of illness or challenges with family health, have also enabled me to develop the understanding and compassion needed to fully relate to clients who are struggling with health problems so that I may help them adopt and sustain new healthy strategies.


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