My Story

When moving to the UK in 2017, I decided to blend my knowledge as a Physiologist with coaching skills, in order to help people make sustainable lifestyle changes.  My aim was to offer a direction for others to be able to adopt healthier and happier lifestyles in a way that suited their specific individual circumstances. 
After working in different fields as a health coach, I decided to direct my expertise on supporting and advising people facing cancer diagnosis and treatment since I was aware of the different stages we go through when having a cancer diagnosis, facing the treatment, or planning our lives after finishing treatment. I know what it is like to deal with the emotional challenges and uncertainties of this new situation when suddenly we find ourselves feeling that the word "future" doesn’t make sense and no longer exists in our vocabulary.
My personal experience, as well as the experience of fellow cancer patients and many others I have supported, has allowed me to establish specific strategies aimed at transforming the lives of cancer patients. This life transformation strengthens the immune system and therefore, increases the effectiveness and outcome of cancer treatment.
My background in Physiology, coupled with my personal cancer journey and my studies in Health Coaching, give me the understanding and experience to tailor the ViDA Immune Strengthening Programme to meet the needs of each of my clients, so that they can lead a rich and balanced life, go through treatment in the best physical and emotional state and live a fulfilling life.
My own experiences of the disease and the challenges with family’s and friend’s health, have also enabled me to develop the understanding and the compassion needed to fully relate to clients who are struggling with cancer related issues, thus allowing me to help them adopt and sustain new healthy strategies.


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