Here you will find videos showing how your immune system cells are able to attack and kill cancer cells. It is possible to stimulate your immune system and work alongside your cancer treatment to achieve a better result.
Guided visualisation is a powerful tool to boost your immune system. Here is a guided visualisation recording to stimulate your immune system. Perform the visualisation twice a day.

Relaxing by the Water

This video shows how cells of our immune system, the cytotoxic T cells (CTLs) are able to destroy cancer cells.

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This video shows how natural killer cells (NK) and cytotoxic T lymphocytes cells (CTLs) attacking and killing cancer cells. 
CTLs and NK cells are two distinct lineages of immune cells that play important roles in the control of infection and in the detection and removal of cancerous cells. Although the approaches by which CTLs and NK cells kill their target cells and modulate the immune response are quite similar, the mechanisms by which they recognise their targets are distinct.
It also shows a neutrophil chasing and eating bacteria.

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